Wednesday, August 3, 2011

By Way of an Introduction.

I have been half in this world and half in other worlds since before I was born.
I believe this is the result of not only the circumstances of my birth, but being born into generations of women who were psychically  endowed.
My grandmother saw people who had passed and talked to saints and spirits all the time. She would see and speak to Jesus in times of distress. She was anything but a religious woman, she hated religion. She would see The Christ of God.
I remember when my grandfather passed, the lights would go on and off in rooms where no one was, and my grandmother would say it was my grandfather. She would tell stories of seeing her father after he passed and talking to this person or that person after they passed. My grandfather, too, claimed to have seen her father after he passed, walking around in the house where they lived. Where I lived later, as a sickly child.
Now this was in the 60's. It wasn't popular to talk about such things. There was no syfi channel, no Ghost Hunters tv show and John Edwards probably hadn't even been born yet.
My grandmother played solitaire on an old Ouija board. My brother still has it in his home. She read ordinary playing cards, as divination. She'd have me shuffle them three times and she would lay the entire deck out and divine the future. I remember being completely mystified by it. She would also read tea leaves and was very superstitious. These are the things I remember about her.
I think she would have loved my daughter. My daughter reminds me of her in many ways sans the meanness. And we have both dreamed about my grandmother on the same nights, even though my daughter never met her, she has dreams about her.
When I was a small kid, we used to take extended holidays in Santa Fe, where I now live. We would stay in a little guest house that was owned by a woman they called my God mother, her name was Lois. From what I remember of her she was very kind and funny. She was full of ghost stories too. We would get together with other relatives of hers and have seances and levitate big tables. These big oak tables would move clear across a room and dance on one leg as if they weighed nothing!
In my childhood, this was just what we did. There was nothing weird or unnatural about it.
The unseen was as natural as the seen.
I suppose that is why I had such a propensity for the occult sciences and shamanic realms. Early childhood exposure.